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    Experience in YOUR Industry

    You benefit from our industry-specific know-how.

    Serving customers in the automotive, electronics, medical, energy, and petro-chem industries, FTM Engineering provides precision EDM and contract machining services for a variety of applications.


    Working with a wide range of steels and alloys, we are geared towards prototype and medium volume runs, and our 3- and 4-axis cutting capabilities can maintain tolerances to ±.0001". We also provide coating and plating services, and all of our capabilities offer lead times of two to seven days.

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    5 Ways to Reduce Lead Time for Your Precision Parts

    (And still get a quality product!)

    You’ll win the day when you download this free guide and show your boss how you’re not just focused on developing a great product, but also concerned about the bottom line.


  • Valuable Tools & Resources for Engineers & PMs

    We want to help you stay on top of the latest trends and resources in precision tooling and part design, engineering and manufacturing.