• Why Work with FTM Engineering?

    That’s a great question! Our answer might surprise you: “We’re not sure if you should.”


    We know we’re not the right partner for everyone; and we know not everyone is a good fit for us either. Just like you, we want to do our BEST work. In order to do that, we need to make sure we are selective in who we work with and which projects we work on.

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    It’s hard to produce a great project on a shoestring budget!

    We know you are in a tough situation. You’re expected to produce an “amazing” product on an “average” budget. But, in order to do your best possible work, you deserve to get the buy-in - and budget - from your supervisor.

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    Focusing on the right things will ensure you produce a better part.

    You want your company to do well. For that to happen, you need to be able to focus on what matters most. And when it comes to designing, engineering and producing precision plastic tooling and parts, focusing makes all the difference!

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    We’re here to help you educate decision makers in your company.

    When YOU succeed, the whole company benefits. We’re here to help you succeed so you’ll get the respect you deserve. Knowledge is power, and our goal is to not only provide the best engineering for precision parts but also to be a resource to help you perform better and to help you educate the decision makers inside your company.

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    Wondering if we’ll be a good fit for your next project?

    Learn more about us and discover whether or not we’re the right partner for you.

  • Are You a F.I.T.?

    Over the last 44 years, we have learned that we are not the right “fit” for every task, and every potential project is not always a great “fit” for us. So, we developed the “FTM F.I.T.” - a process that helps us to know when we can offer the most value.

    F = FIND

    FIND a common understanding around your needs and the details of your project.


    IDENTIFY if what you’re looking for is something we can do well.

    T = TAKE

    If everything looks good, then we TAKE it to the next step. So, schedule a call today to see if you’re a F.I.T.

  • About FTM Engineering

    FTM Engineering is a technologically advanced manufacturer of precision components, specializing in precision WIRE EDM machining. Our business model includes the engineer and build of close tolerance plastic injection molds, specializing in custom mold engineering services, and mold repair.


    A proven leader in consistent, accurate engineering and assembly of high and low volume projects, FTM specializes in servicing the manufacturing industry with precision craftsmanship as well as tooling services including intricate cavities, cores and other plastic injection mold components. Our knowledge and understanding of machining & processes allows for detailed, critical analysis for machining, mold repairs and complex engineering changes.