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    One Stop for Custom Tool & Part Design​

    Partner with a single company who understands the nuances of your business.

    It can be frustrating to deal with two different companies to develop and produce your close tolerance parts - one designs the part and another designs and builds the tooling. But, you don’t have to worry about that with FTM Engineering; we’re your one-stop shop for BOTH custom part design and custom tool design.


    We started off in 1976 as a tooling company, and over the past 40+ years, we’ve expanded our expertise to include precision part design, engineering and even full production of the tight tolerance parts needed in the automotive, electronics, energy and heavy equipment industries.

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    “Impossible” Parts Made Possible

    Have you been told that what you’re looking for is “impossible?”

    The last thing you want to hear when developing a part is, “it can’t be done.” At FTM Engineering, we thrive on that statement! Tell us something is impossible and we’ll find a way to make it possible.


    Using the latest technologies and software tools, our team of experienced engineers, part and tool designers, and production team can take your complex project from cradle to grave - from prototype to high cavitation, high volume tooling. Over-molding, insert molding, vertical injection molds, unscrewing molds - bring us your ideas and your challenges, and we’ll work with you to make it possible.

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    5 Ways to Reduce Lead Time for Your Precision Parts

    (And still get a quality product!)

    You’ll win the day when you download this free guide and show your boss how you’re not just focused on developing a great product, but also concerned about the bottom line.


  • Valuable Tools & Resources for Engineers & PMs

    We want to help you stay on top of the latest trends and resources in precision tooling and part design, engineering and manufacturing.