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    5 Ways to Reduce Lead Time for Your Precision Parts

    (And still get a quality product!)

    You’ll win the day when you download this free guide and show your boss how you’re not just focused on developing a great product, but also concerned about the bottom line.

  • Manufacturer of Custom Molded Plastics

    With more than 100 years of combined experience in tooling and plastics, we have delivered thousands of successful projects across a wide variety of industries, from automotive to energy.


    Are you frustrated because the people making the decisions don’t understand or appreciate the nuances of what you do? We come alongside you to help those decision makers make informed decisions when selecting a partner to produce your custom tooling and precision plastic parts. This way, you get the resources you need to make a quality part that’s on time and on budget, and you gain the trust and recognition you deserve for leading the way.


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    You deserve to get the buy-in - and budget - from your boss in order to do your best possible engineering work.

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    You want your company to do well. For that to happen, you need to be able to focus on what matters most.

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    When YOU succeed, the whole company benefits. We’re here to help you succeed so you’ll get the respect you deserve.

  • The Steps of a Precision Tooling/Plastics Job

    When you’re developing precision tools and parts, you need a process that accounts for every detail. Throughout this process, you’ll know exactly what’s happening every step of the way.



    A detailed review and understanding of your needs.



    A comprehensive estimate of time and budget.


    Do the Work

    This is where all the magic happens! And you’re involved.



    Go from prototype to test runs to full production.



    Work together to make sure the part and/or tool performs.

  • Are You a F.I.T.?

    Over the last 44 years, we have learned that we are not the right “fit” for every task, and every potential project is not always a great “fit” for us. So, we developed the “FTM F.I.T.” - a process that helps us to know when we can offer the most value.

    F = FIND

    FIND a common understanding around your needs and the details of your project.


    IDENTIFY if what you’re looking for is something we can do well.

    T = TAKE

    If everything looks good, then we TAKE it to the next step, which is explained below...