Have You Been Told Your Project is Impossible?

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Have You Been Told Your Project is Impossible?

If you’ve ever heard, “That can’t be done,” we know how frustrating that can be. Every once in a while, there might be something you want molded that truly isn’t possible - but that’s really rare!

Making the impossible possible.

Saying something is “impossible” is a pretty definitive answer. We like to look at everything as “possible” and then figure out how.

Making the impossible possible requires some out-of-the-box thinking. It may involve looking at a problem from another angle. It likely means considering options that weren’t on the table initially.

When you can be flexible and adjustments can be made, possibilities open up.

In another blog post, we’ve addressed the advantages and disadvantages of having a lot of experience in one industry. In that post, we made reference to the fact that sometimes designers and engineers who have only worked in one single industry their entire career can get stuck in a rut. They may genuinely believe something is “impossible,” but when a fresh set of eyes looks at the challenges, several ideas are often sparked, leading to an effective solution.

The key is knowing what you need out of the end product. With that in mind, making adjustments to the tooling, being flexible in the design, or even starting from scratch might be necessary.

Don’t let the word “impossible” discourage you.

If you’ve been told your part isn’t moldable, or you’ve had someone say, “That’s impossible,” it’s time to open up to other options. We’ve made the impossible possible before, and we can most likely do the same for you.

Let’s start by having a quick conversation. We invite you to contact us today or go ahead and request a quote.

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