How Long Does It Take to Design and Build a Precision Tool or Part?

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How Long Does It Take to Design and Build a Precision Tool or Part?

How long does it take to build a car?

How long does it take to build a house?

How long does it take to design a new product?

The short answer is simple: It depends.

But, of course, this is not what you want to hear. That’s an honest answer, though. And it comes with a number of questions to follow: What kind of car? What’s the budget? How big is the house? How much time do you have? How complex is the new product? Are you starting from scratch or is there an existing product that’s being modified?

When it comes to developing custom precision tools and plastic injection molded precision parts, it truly does depend on the complexity of your part.

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Your time and commitment to the process are essential.

While the typical time frame for a standard part is going to take between six and 12 weeks, it can take less or more time than that based on the complexity of the project. Part of our process of selecting projects and clients that are a “good fit” allows us to work with partners who we know want to see the best product delivered at the end of the day. They are committed to investing the time and resources to make sure the project is completed as efficiently as possible.

Our overall engineering process explains the steps we go through to ensure that we are developing a tool or part that meets your exact specifications and falls in line with your tight tolerance requirements. From ideation to completion, it is essential that we are in constant communication with you.

It all starts with a good design.

Because we have knowledge and experience on both the design and engineering aspects of precision tooling and parts as well as the production of the finished product, our customers benefit from a full-service, one-stop shop. Whether you have an existing design that needs tweaked or just a drawing on a napkin, we can apply our skills to take your precision part from idea to reality, efficiently and on spec.

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Timing is truly dependent on a combination of variables.

The important thing is to find a partner who understands your desires and requirements, and communicates openly with you from the start. As soon as you hear, “We’re working on it.” without a specific answer as to next steps and timing, that’s a red flag.

Are you kicking off a new project or concerned you might be stuck in the middle of one? We’d love to help. Request a quote or contact us to talk through your challenges - (866) 386-0878.

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