What Are Your Capabilities for Precision Plastic Parts and Tooling?

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What Are Your Capabilities for Precision Plastic Parts and Tooling?

When we’re talking with someone about a new project, it’s very likely that one of the first questions - if not the very first - will be: “So, what are your capabilities?” Meaning...are you going to be able to do what we need to get done?

Sure, we realize it would be great to just spout off the number of machines we have, the tonnage capacity and size of molds we can handle. However, when this question comes up, there are actually several important questions of our own that immediately enter into the conversation:

  1. What are you looking to produce? And with what material?

  2. Do you just need a part with tight tolerance? Or do you need to build the tooling and produce the part?

  3. Have you hit a wall and need help getting over a challenge in the design process?

  4. Is your current tooling causing a part to be out of tolerance?

  5. How many parts are you going to need over the next 12 months?

And the list could go on and on!

The real question is, “Are we a good fit for you?” (And in turn, “Are you a good fit for us?”)

It may sound overly confident, but we can do just about anything when it comes to close tolerance plastic injection molded parts and the precision tooling to produce those parts.

Since 1976, we’ve been designing, engineering and building tooling and plastic injection molding for some of the world’s largest manufacturers - in automotive, energy, electronics and heavy equipment. Our customers consider us a “one-stop shop” because we can take an idea from cradle to grave - literally sketches on a napkin to millions of produced parts!

That being said, the idea of finding a good “fit” is really important to us. Over the years, we have come to realize what we’re very good at and what we don’t do so well; we’ve also learned who (what types of projects and industries) we work well with and some maybe not so much.

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The short answer is…

We can design, build and manufacture your “impossible” precision parts, including up to 330 ton capacity and almost any size mold and number of cavities. We offer full engineering capabilities and customer service that’s aimed solely at creating success for you, our customer.

But, more importantly, we’d like to find out if there’s a good fit.

Are we the best firm to handle your project? We don’t know yet. But, we’d like to talk with you and find out. Contact us today or go ahead and request a quote.