Do You Have Experience in My Industry?

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Do You Have Experience in My Industry?

Industry experience can be an important factor when selecting a manufacturing partner. It can also be a detriment to your project if specific industry experience is the sole or primary reason for selecting a partner to produce your precision tooling and tight tolerance parts.

Industry experience is important.

As with many other companies in the injection molding industry, we certainly believe that having specific experience in a particular industry can be a benefit when working on another project in that same industry.

We are not ashamed to tout our successes with some of the largest manufacturers in the automotive, electronics and energy industries, as well as many local and regional companies that require very specific knowledge of a system or process in order to effectively produce a high quality part.

Being really good in a certain niche can be relevant and important.

We believe creativity, along with targeted experience, is more important.

The challenge with those who only push their expertise in a particular field is that their work can get stale, and just like those who are still using their BlackBerry, they lack the ability to think creatively. They are “stuck” in the same mindset they’ve been in for decades in some cases.

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Niche experience is good, as long as it’s paired with great minds that are willing to consider new ideas and are open to new methods of reaching a desired outcome.

When you ask the question, “Do you have experience in my industry?” maybe you could consider a slight variation of the question:

“Other than your successes in our industry, how have you addressed a challenge in another industry and what was the result?”

This will help you find out what true experience exists on their team of designers and engineers.

We welcome this question and look forward to sharing some of the truly creative solutions we’ve come up with for our clients - across a variety of industries!

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