What is Your Process for Precision Parts and Tooling?

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What’s your process for designing and building precision tooling and injection molded parts?

When you’re developing precision tools and parts, you need a process that accounts for every detail. Whether it’s a pin housing for an electronics component or a multi-cavity auto unscrewing plastic injection mold for the heavy equipment industry, the devil is in the details.

Before we jump into the process of designing, engineering and building precision tooling and injection molded parts, we first have to learn more about the project and the person, people, and/or company behind it.

Finding the right F.I.T.

Over the last four decades, we have learned that we are not the right “fit” for every task, and every potential project is not always a great “fit” for us. So, we developed the “FTM F.I.T” - a process that helps us to know when we can offer the most value.

  • F = FIND a common understanding around your needs and the details of your project.

  • I - IDENTIFY if what you’re looking for is something we can do well.

  • T - If everything looks good, then we TAKE it to the next step (which is explained below)

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Finding the right fit is the most important aspect of starting a new relationship (as well as deciding when to continue with one). We believe this is a powerful first step for our customers, as well as ourselves. Once both sides agree there’s a good fit, then we follow our proven five-step process:

1. Ideation

The ideation phase gives you the opportunity to share your idea, desires, problems, and challenges with us; and it allows us to gain a solid understanding of your needs.

2. Quote

From there, we create a comprehensive estimate of time and budget based on the information gathered during the initial ideation phase. Our combined 100+ years of experience ensures you receive a quote that provides the results you’re looking for.

3. Do the Work

This is where the magic happens! And we keep you involved every step of the way. We believe over communicating is way more effective in reaching the intended goals that are established early on in the process.

4. Produce

From prototype to test runs to full production, your precision tooling or plastic injection molding project is handled with care, from cradle to grave.

5. Adjust

In our opinion, a project is never “done.” While the primary role of designing, engineering and production is complete, we work together with you to make sure the part and/or tool performs just like it’s supposed to and make adjustments if needed.

There has to be a process.

Without a detailed, step-by-step process, you’ll end up anxious and frustrated throughout the span of a project. It all starts with the first step. So, let’s start by scheduling a quick call. We invite you to contact us today or go ahead and request a quote.

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